Tramway21 creates meaning through communication and marketing

Respect - Meaning - Relevance

Our philosophy

We like to find solutions for developing brands, products and services that improve the lives of people.

We are convinced that the changes transforming our society are an opportunity to develop a “meaning” economy where markets serve mankind, and not vice-versa. We believe that a viable economy is one that produces social benefits and is not limited to financial returns.

You have a clear understanding of your business and sector, we bring our communication and branding expertise to the table. By working together to understand the needs of your customers and users, we craft innovative solutions creating economic and social benefits for all involved parties.

In our connected world, innovative solutions often stand at the crossroads between digital and traditional channels. Our job is to work with you to identify the right balance between the wide variety of available tools and to use each one to its full potential.

Our Values

  • Respect

    We strongly believe that mutual respect and understanding are at the core of any long-term relationship between a brand and its customers.

  • Meaning

    Customers need reasons to commit to a brand. They want meaning. Customers don’t buy a brand or a cause, they join it.

  • Relevance

    A relevant message is one that meets the needs of a group sharing affinities and values. The more relevant the message, the less it needs to be repeated.

Our projects

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How we Work

We operate as a tight group of professionals accompanied by specialists, so as to form a customized team for each specific project.

The Tramway21 structure is deliberately flexible. After the briefing we select the specialists with the competencies we need to create the right team for the job.

Our knowledge of the sector enables us to bring together the most suitable people for any given project. They may be communication or marketing specialists, or experts from another field altogether.

The team may consist of one, two, four or ten people, depending on the project needs. Our job is then to lead the team towards the client’s objectives, and guarantee quality standards along the way.

We see ourselves as a tram picking up passengers along its way and delivering them safely to their destination.


Core team members

  • Madeleine Leclercq

    Founder, Account strategy

  • Marco Calant

    Founder, Creative strategy

  • François Daubresse


  • Thierry Goemanne


  • Astrid Wauthier

    Project manager

  • Maud Samaha

    Art direction, photography

  • Dirk De Smet


  • Nigel Bishop


  • Lilas Heinix

    Graphical Artwork

  • Shanti Botman

    Graphic Designer

  • Valérie Snoeck


  • Sybil Collignon

    Project Manager

  • Antoine Nelis

    Digital Project Manager

  • Mathias Lemielle



Network of experts

  • Producers

    Photography, sound, video

  • Online branding

    Digital brand experiences

  • Copywriters

    The power of words

  • Trends analysis

    What's truly relevant

  • Sociologists

    Human behaviours

  • Doctors

    Health market check-up

  • Events agencies

    Each event is a job in itself

  • Farmers

    Down to Earth perspective

  • Community Managers

    Nurturing communities

  • Young talents

    Fresh perspectives

  • Web developers

    We all need code

  • Teachers

    Working with the future

  • Content providers

    Because content is still king

  • Designers

    More than just fresh paint