CBC #VoirGrand

A bank that supports Walloon entrepreneurship and helps companies to ‘’Think Big’’ within their region
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The brief

Finding the right financial adviser for your company is complicated. Finding a partner that understands your entrepreneurial needs as well as the regional environment is even more complicated.

CBC is the right partner for Walloon entrepreneurs, no matter what the size of their company or their sector of expertise. CBC will assist today’s and future Walloon entrepreneurs through their business development and advise them on three main topics: export, investment, and innovation activities.

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What we did

The concept came through the idea of supporting Walloon companies, to help them grow, to help them think bigger - ‘’Voir Grand’’.

Entrepreneurs are today’s future. They need to find a bank that understands their needs and helps them with their growth thanks to expert advice on investment, innovation and export. CBC is a bank that helps business interests.

Three print adverts were designed with a distorted magnified perspective. Certain elements were increased in size to reinforce the message of ‘’Think Big’’ – ‘’Voir Grand’’. The adverts covered the three main topics - innovation, investment and export - and were adapted for online presence through banners and social media.

In addition to print and online materials, four radio spots were also developed. These compared the small size of Wallonia with the huge ambition of its entrepreneurship, with a touch of humour!

All the media worked together to present a bank which has great projects and expectations for its customers! 

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