Edificio #NewLogo

A new visual identity for historical venues!
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The brief

Edificio proposes vibrant venues full of history, such as Solvay Library and Concert Noble. Venues that are a real added value for events.

As their visual look & feel seemed to be dated and to match the historical aspect of their venues, Edificio needed a new, fresh and modern identity to meet today’s vision.

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What we did

The name remained, but we offered a whole new graphical approach taking into account the target and the objective.

We created a refined, elegant and modern logo to balance the historical aspect of the venues. A brand-new website was the second phase of the brief. The new architecture of the website gives a better overview of the different locations to visitors and a fresh look & feel for an easier navigation.

The new identity was used throughout the different communication tools such as brochures, stationery and office supplies, newsletters, etc. as well as a large range of corporate goodies.

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The upcoming phase

The upcoming phase is to open these vibrant venues to the public by hosting cultural events open to all.

The communication to promote their cultural agenda will go mainly through social media. Content will be posted online on a daily basis, allowing Edificio to write their new history.

  • Logo and brand identity
  • Website
  • Business communication tools
  • A large range of Goodies
  • Social networks campaign
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