MultiPharma #MultiCo

A pharmacy that is a real partner of your health and your wellbeing.
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The brief

The briefing had two specificities. The first one was to find a way to launch their new fidelity program. And the second request was to empower their vision.

Multipharma has a different positioning compared to other pharmacies and they don’t want to be seen as a supermarket for medication, but as a real partner, an ally of people’s health and wellbeing.

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What we did

It’s in the company’s DNA as a cooperation that we find the concept of Multipharma’s new positioning. A tagline added the company’s identity reflects that positioning. ‘Ensemble, inventons la santé collaborative’’

Today, co-operatives are making their mark. People no longer rely on public and political authorities to improve their situation. They work together. We can only see the success of co-renting, coworking, etc.

Multipharma believes that if things are done collectively, everyone benefits from it. This vision can be found at all levels of the new campaign.

  • Collaboration to lower the prices on best-selling products.
  • A loyalty program MultiCo that offers to their co-operators even more discounts.
  • Coaching programs to stop smoking, to help young mothers or to lose weight, etc.

The above themes and vision were covered in a movie, different print materials for distribution in pharmacies, online and digital presence and adverts in the Multimag.

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